I do not have a good physical condition. Can I still come along?

To climb the Misti you must have a reasonably good physical condition. Start your training in good time. Endurance sports are ideal for preparation. If you don't have reasonable stamina (it's two days of 4-7 hours of hiking) you can't really join.


What about altitude sickness?

The Misti is 5822m high. This means that at the summit there is about half the oxygen in the air compared to sea level. So your body has to work hard to take in enough oxygen. Altitude sickness is caused by lack of oxygen. In addition, you can take Diamox preventively. A medicine that reduces the risk of altitude sickness.


What about eating and sleeping on the Misti?

The tents will already be set up when you arrive at the camp. You will have to inflate your own sleeping mat (possibly self-inflating) and roll out your sleeping bag. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. You do not have to cook or bring food. A small snack for in between (Twix, Mars, Snickers, ...) and plenty of water you must of course bring yourself.


What if on the mountain it turns out I'm not physically prepared enough or get sick?

If you can't go anymore you have to descend or stay where you are . There are enough guides to accompany you back down. You will then wait there until the group comes back.
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