Paz holandesa

Establishment of PAZ-Holandesa



  • The PAZ-Holandesa Foundation was founded on August 19, 1999 on the initiative of Marjan van Mourik and Dr. Daniel Paz y Geuze. The foundation is established in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and in Arequipa (Peru). PAZ-Holandesa has initially focused on children (0-16 years) with birth defects (schisis, club feet, hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida) focused. After PAZ-Holandesa became more entrenched in Peruvian society and a clearer picture of the needs emerged, PAZ-Holandesa expanded its care to a full range of services. aftercare with speech lessons, dental care, physiotherapy and psychological counseling

The Hospital

  • In 2001 a Children's clinic in Arequipa openedwhere a team of Peruvian professionals offered this care free of charge to children of to children of families living in (extreme) poverty. Due to the demand for care and the desire to be able to offer a complete care package in-house in 2006 started the construction of the own children's hospital 'Tony Molleapaza Rojas' in Paucarpata, Arequipa. Since April 2009 the activities have been entirely transferred to this children's hospital.

Diversification of activities

  • In April 2012 was the hospital commissioned in its entirety. With the commissioning of this hospital, the foundation has significantly expanded its medical services, helping a much larger group of children with a greater variety of birth defects or other medical problems

Personnel and organization


The board of the foundation Fundación PAZ-Holandesa consists of:


Dr. Reinier van Twisk


Mr. Peter Schults


Mrs. Yvonne Nesselaar

In Peru, the Asociación PAZ-Holandesa was founded in 2000, is officially recognized by the Peruvian government and has a Peruvian board.

Management and execution

The director of the organization is Ms. M.J. van Mourik, in permanent employment since January 1, 2021.

In Peru, it is supported by three departments (now consisting of a total of 90 local staff):

  • Organization and operational projects (Medical staff [doctors, nurses, cleaning, kitchen, security and maintenance staff] number 80)
  • Finance/Bookkeeping (3)
  • Administration/RRHH (5)

In addition to the staff in Peru, PAZ-Holandesa is supported by the medics from different countries who staff the surgical teams a few weeks a year.


The mission of PAZ-Holandesa reads: " The improvement of the social and medical situation of especially underprivileged children in (mainly the middle and south of) Peru as well as the promotion of the development of basic health care in general and furthermore everything that is directly or indirectly related or conducive to this, all in the broadest sense of the word."

General Objective

The overall objective of PAZ-Holandesa is: " To actively promote the improvement of basic health of underprivileged children in central and southern Peru, by conducting surgical projects, providing knowledge transfer and establishing sustainable medical projects and partnerships."

Target group

PAZ-Holandesa's free projects focus specifically on children (0-16 years) from the very poorest sections of the population in Peru, who do not have the money for medical care. This concerns the many children from the poor neighborhoods of the big cities and children from rural areas who are almost completely deprived of any form of health care (high in the mountains, deep in the jungle or on the high plains in the desert). Special attention is paid to children with birth defects (schisis, spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus ), urinary tract disorders, Down syndrome and cardiopathy. PAZ also offers paid medical care to children and adults from families who can afford it. With the proceeds, the medical assistance to children from poor families can be expanded.

Service area

The catchment area covers central and southern Peru (area the size of a country like France) and consists of over 7 million inhabitants, 40% of whom are aged 0-16.