(Free) operations in 2015

Outpatients 2015

Children received speechlessons 2015

Medicins and medical materials donated 2015


Foundation Paz-Holandesa aims to improve the circumstances of socially and economically disadvantaged Peruvian children by offering free medical care, in the broadest sense of the word.

What we do

  • Organizing of 4 to 5 surgeries annually projects for children born with a birth defect (cleftplates, harelips,spina bifida, kidney, bladder or others)
  • Giving free medical care (consults,surgeries,hospitalization etc.) for children without economic resources
  • The construction of our own Children’s Hospital ‘Tony Molleapaza Rojas’, which is since april 2012 in full funcion;
  • After care projects (such as speech lessons, dental-, mental treatment and or physiotherapy)
  • Medical trainings to doctors and nurses ;
  • Donation of (medical) material, toys and food for local hospitals and orphanages
  • Organisation medical symposia


From the 9th untill the 20th of may Dr.Reinier van Twisk, plastic surgeon and his medical team, will operate 50 children born with a cleft lip and/or palate in our hospital. From that date on we will upload a daily video.

What you can do for a child like Flor?

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